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T H E  T E L E V I S I O N  S E R I E S
Simian Sounds present
Values, by Dave Ballard
art by Neil Foster

An Argolis Production in association with Everlasting Films

   Originally a non-profit audio drama based on the characters of the POTA tv series, cds were exchanged for donations to a 9/11 charity. 
   Featuring the vocal talents of Mark Donovan, Peter Hinchman & Thomas Himinez, "Values" explores an attempt to escape a nightmare future, where Apes rule and humans are animals. 
   "Values" packs a wallop - a moving, exciting and all-around involving story with three incredible lead actors.
   The producers suggest that if you enjoy the download you might consider donating a couple of dollars to a local animal charity.

Burke raised his arm. "Now wait a minute!" He cried, "before we all go rushing off to...."

"Pete!" Virdon interrupted. "Listen to me... I'm calm, I'm rational, you're my best friend and I'd never do anything to put you or Galen in any danger but ever since we saw those lights in the sky you've been dragging your heels over this and so far you've been wrong, wrong about everything!"

Burke felt guilt and anger born of defensiveness rising to the occasion but of course Virdon was right. He bowed his head and studied his feet. "Alan I only... I just don't want..."

"I know you're trying to protect me Pete... But it's too late... My hopes are up... My imagination is fired. I don't know what we've got here and I doubt it will get me home but I have to investigate it further."

Burke sighed.

Virdon smiled and reached out resting both his hands on the younger astronauts' shoulders. "I'm not blind to the reality of the situation Pete, but if there's a chance, the tiniest, flimsiest, most outrageous chance ever... I have to at least look into it." Burke nodded. Of course he'd known this from the moment Virdon had pointed out the lights in the sky. Virdon squeezed Burkes' shoulder. "But I won't... Can't... take that chance without you Pete. I need you with me on this, every step of the way. So will you help me? Please?"

Galen watched the exchange, riveted by the interaction between the two men. As a boy he had been taught that friendship, sacrifice integrity and loyalties were values these miserable creatures could never possess. The bond between these two men was obvious, powerful and emotive. No wonder Zaius feared them. The example they set could ignite a fire that might sweep across an entire world. In a moment of perfect clarity Galen realised he didn't just respect these humans... he envied them.

Burke looked up into Virdon's eyes and inhaled deeply. "Even if it kills me." He replied.
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