Get up close and personal with a few photos from #1 POTA fan Jeff K.'s personal collection: photos from conventions and book signings, wherein our Mr. K hobknobs with the wonderful stars of apedom! Thanks for sharing, Goob.

author Eric Greene, Buck Kartalian (from the original POTA movie), Booth Colman, Ron Harper, producer Mort Abrahams and Bobby Porter - StarCon '96 Booth Colman (Zaius on the television series) - StarCon '96 Booth Colman with Bobby Porter, who appeared in the "Battle" movie and in the tv series (The Good Seeds", "Escape From Tomorrow") - StarCon '96 David Naughton, little brother of James Naughton (Burke), appeared in "The Surgeon" episode - StarCon '96 Author Eric Greene gets the make-up treatment.. - StarCon '96 ...and here's Eric going "ape" (pictured with Bill Blake) - StarCon '96 Cornelius impersonator Bill Blake & Booth Colman - StarCon '96 Jeff K. and Booth - StarCon '96 Ron Harper, "Alan Virdon" - StarCon '97 Don Pedro Colley ("Beneath") and Buck Kartalian (famous coined phrase: "human see, human do") - StarCon '97 Booth Colman - StarCon '97 William Windom ("Escape") - StarCon '97 StarCon '98 William Smith, Jeff Corey, Ron Harper and Linda Harrison - StarCon '98 Booth Colan - StarCon '98 William Smith (Tolar in "The Gladiators") and fan Luiz Adami from Brazil - StarCon '98 Linda Harrison (Nova) holding "Zira" - StarCon '98 Linda Harrison and Jeff K - StarCon '98 Booth Colman - book signings '96 Bill Blake appliances - book signings in '96 Jeff, Noah Keene, Eric Greene, Booth Colman and Buck Kartalian - book signings '96 Bill Blake and Jeff K. in make-up - book signings '96 Booth Colman, author Eric Greene and casting director Marvin Paige - book signings in '96 Jeff K, aka Goob in Century City
Booth hefts Thade's sword from the POTA 2001 props display - book signings in '96 Eric Greene, tv director Arnold Laven and Austin Stoker - book signings in '96 Bill Blake, production designer Bill Creber, E. Greene, Marvin Paige, Ron Harper & Booth - book signings in '96 The one and only Roddy McDowall with William Tuttle and Rick Baker in '97 photo galleries lightboxby v6.0