Storyboards are a series of illustrations displayed in sequence for the purpose of previsualizing any type of film. They are essentially a comic strip version of the production produced beforehand to help the directors and cinematographers understand the scenes and determine any potential problems before they occur. Often storyboards include arrows or instructions to indicate movement.


The storyboarding process we are familiar with today is said to have been developed by the Walt Disney studio during the early 1930s for their animated movies. It then began to be adopted for live-action film production probably during the early 1940s.


These days, many directors, (Jackson, Spielberg, Lucas) will storyboard extensively, using the process to brainstorm and capture ideas before shooting even a single frame of film. They might then go on to produce a more modern version of the storyboard, the ‘animatic’ and construct an entire movie (or at least certain sequences) within the computer to experiment with camera angles and pacing etc.


At the time of the Apes TV show such things remained undreamt of and so what we have here is a recently discovered and rare glimpse at the behind the scenes pre-production process of the 1970s TV series’ first episode, ‘Escape from Tomorrow.’


Thanks to John R from Simian Scrolls.


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