Risquť Business

Dave Ballard





Iíve found myself a quiet corner. Now at last I can sit down and think.

So many questions.



Are you okay?

Did you repair the machine?

Did you find anything?

I have to get out of here... I have to join them.

Maybe I can carve a little more. Itís dull and tedious but at least it passes the time. Nah... plane can wait.

Where is Kraik anyway?

Heís wandered off again. He seems to just come and go as he pleases. Maybe heís found a hole to squirm through, somewhere private... If so heís not telling.

Strange kid, nothing like my Chris and yetÖ

Damn! I want out of here. I want to get moving. I want to make something happen. If I was on my ownÖ I know I could make it out of here. My ankle isnít nearly as bad as I feared, nothing broken or torn; itís just twisted is all.

No, itís not my ankleÖ itís KraikÖ and Arn.

Beautiful Arn... Nothing like my Sally and yet...

Zaius you shrewd old bastard! This is all your doing isnít it? Of course! Thatís why you took the photo.

There she is, her back is to me, kinda makes it easier. Iím feeling guilty... Why? Because I know Iím not just watching out of idle curiosity? Because this isnít as innocent as I would like to believe?

Whatís she doing? Dividing rations? How can she look so good? Look at her hair! Wild but clean. I know, Iíve smelt it... itís like the countryside.

Her shouldersÖ her waistÖ the curve of her hips.


Come on Alan, thereís no time for this, Think of Pete, think of Galen, think of anything but that!

Ahh, itís no good... my eyes are like the needle on my compass, being drawn toward her like a magnet. Imagine her in my arms, somehow I already know how that would feel. Firm, soft and yielding.

Christ Alan, find something else to occupy your mind will you!

Aww no, now Iíve woken something up, that ache has begun. Somethingís stirring and peeking around. Behave yourself, remember youíre married.

Oh shit! Sheís coming over! Grab that wood! Pretend Iím engrossed in shaping it.

"We have enough food for tonight and tomorrow,Ē She tells me proudly.

I nod and looked pleased. I say something without looking up. Jesus, canít I even look at her now?

ďHow is your ankle? Can I see.Ē

I tense, anticipating her touch, wanting it- but afraid because I want it - Why is that? What am I scared of? Sally is never going to knowÖ

But of course that doesnít matter... I will, Iíll know.

I feel her studying me. This is so stupid, she only wants to check my ankle for crying out loud! Her cool fingers touch the bruised flesh and I feel something tingle through my body. Iíve forgotten to breathe, her barest touch is electrifying!

Does she sense it? Does she know? I look up and sheís staring right back.

Yeah... she knows.

Her hand slides up my leg and she leans forward pressing her lips against mine. I close my eyes, visions of Sally crumble, blown away like autumn leaves.

God help me but itís been so long.

I touch her face. I just canít stop myself. So smooth, so beautiful.We pauseÖboth unsure, both uncertain, both afraid.

Your husband? ďI ask stupidly. I canít believe I said that!

ďYour wife?í She replies.

And Sally is here! Right there! I can see her over Arnís shoulder.A phantom, a spirit, an echo.But I canít reach her, I canít touch her. I can only remember.

I close my eyes and when I open them sheís gone.

I think Arn knows... She smiles sadly and begins to pull away.

And suddenly we are together again.

Forgive me Sally, it was only ever you... always will be only you... but Iím so alone.

I pull Arn on top of me and her knee slides up. She must feel my hardness for her fingers creep down, stroking me there. I groan and slide my hand up her dress, feeling her right back. So hot, so eager, so wanting.

I shouldnít be doing this, I know that - but I canít take it back, Iíll soak up the guilt and wallow in it later.

I trace the curve of her breast, cupping it in my palm, lifting and squeezing gently. I rub the shape of her nipple with my thumb and feel it harden and grow. She sits up and pulls her dress over her head, discarding it in an untidy heap. Sheís tearing at my shirt, hauling it off and casting it away. I pull her back down and we kiss again.

The feel of her flesh intoxicates me, it maddens me, and I want her! All of her, every last part. I want to fall into her, lose myself and explore every part of what she is. She leans back and my hands steal down, cupping her buttocks and lifting.

I look up and see her looking right back, eager, wanting and needful.

Her fingers tug at my trousers and she pulls them off. Her hand encircles and holds, sliding up and down the length of me.

Dear God! Iím aware Iím moaning with pleasure and then she takes me in her mouth. A burst of exquisite, moist heat surrounds me and I gasp, jerking my head backward with the pleasure of it, I crack my head a good one against the wall of the cell but barely even notice.

I have to do something! I canít take this itís too much, too soon! I want it to last, She deserves that much. Somehow I pulled myself away and she sighs with playful disappointment.

She turns herself around and sinks to all fours, her back to me, and her ass toward my face. I kiss each smooth cheek leaving trails of glistening saliva and blow on them, laughing playfully as I watch gooseflesh rise. She laughs too.

I kneel behind her, rest my palms on her shoulders and push inside, I slide in easily, the heat of her almost burning in its intensity. Iíd almost forgotten how it feels to be inside another, to merge with them, to melt into them.

I began to slide back and forth and the world, with all its troubles is no more. Itís just me now. Arn and me. I donít care about anything. No one else exists, itís our world, our universe and weíre the only two in it.

She turns around, lithe and agile. I barely break my stride. Sheís on her back, her thighs wrapped around my waist, squeezing me, guiding me, encouraging me.

I pull her closer, still thrusting and our torsos press together, her breasts squeeze flat against my chest. Our sweat mingles as flesh adheres to flesh. Her hair falls across my face and I breathe in the scent of it.

I sigh and something begins to give, somewhere deep inside. A tiny tremble spreading outward, growing, and racing through every fibre of my body. A sharp intake of breathe and I think I bite her shoulder.

Her arms wrap around me, her body envelopes mine and our intimacy detonates with overwhelming pleasure.

The world rushes backShe is smiling, stroking my face with her slim, soft fingers.

We lay, bodies interlocked, basking in the afterglow of finding each other.

ďCan you do it again?Ē She asks, almost shyly.

I roll my eyes and grin, A thousand years and nothing has changed... Well almost nothing I realise.

I kiss her.

ďLetís find out,Ē I whisper, sliding my fingers down and inside.