Pete and Liska: Interlude




Pete pulled the rough shirt hastily over his head.  Next came the pants, joining shirt and shoes slung in a careless heap upon the ground.   The fresh air was welcome on his bare and sweaty skin.  Assuring himself of his solitude with another glance around the sheltered area, he waded into the water.

It was a small stream about five feet across, but deep enough so that the water covered him to just above his waist.   Good enough to swim in.  He dove under immediately, cool water engulfing his heated scalp, face and neck.   He surfaced and began to cut through the water in long, smooth strokes,  relishing the lap of  water against his naked skin, washing away dust and soothing aching muscles.  After a few minutes he slowed and tipped his head back, letting his still body float towards the surface of the slow moving stream.  

The area was lush and verdant,  with sheltering trees and grass growing down to the water’s edge.  Birds called busily to one another.  Pete sighed again, floating aimlessly on his back.  A moment of tranquillity… so rare on this world. 

Directly behind him came a loud splash and Pete jerked upright, heart hammering.  His brows raised at the sight of Liska, splashing towards him from the bank.  She was completely naked… and gorgeous.  His eyes traveled over her slim, athletic figure, the long, dark hair.  He closed his eyes for an instant,  then opened them to meet her knowing gaze.  

"What the hell are you doing?" he said, voice raised.

"What’s it look like?"  She reached out for him and he stumbled back a step, scowling.  Her eyes widened and took on a humorous glint.  "You’re not afraid of me… are you?"  she asked him, trying to keep from smiling.

"Maybe of Kabon," he said, smiling slightly.  He took a deep breath.  "He’d kill me if he saw us  together.  I don’t think you should be here."

"It’s not my father’s business, and you have no idea how he’d feel about it, anyway."    she said, reaching out a hand towards his chest.   He caught it with his own.

"Liska…"  he said softly.  "I’m leaving soon.  You know that."

"I didn’t come down here to discuss your plans with you, Pete.   I came here because I wanted to.  Simple," she said, and moved still closer. 

"Not simple at all," he replied, voice hardening.  "Why exactly are you here?"

Her blue eyes flashed.  "Exactly?"  He nodded, jaw flexing.  With a sudden motion, she stepped into his arms and wrapped her hand around the back of his neck, pulling his face down to hers, covering his lips with her own.   Her mouth sent an electric jolt through his body.  He stiffened in surprise and put his hands on both sides of her waist, but he couldn’t make himself step back.  Burke grappled with self control, finally pushing her gently away.  She gazed upwards, longing evident, then lowered her eyes.

Pete looked down at her closed and sweat-slickened eyelids.  Her vulnerability touched him.  He closed his own eyes again and swallowed. He’d resolved to leave Chandar before letting things go any farther and yet, here he was.   God, she was tempting - funny, and smart, not to mention drop-dead beautiful.  A rarity, these days, he couldn’t help but think - a human with spirit and intelligence.  Impulsively, he reached down and kissed her closed eyelids, tasting salt.  She raised her lips to his.  This time he could not resist, leaning down to explore her mouth hungrily.  Her hand reached up to his face, cupping it. 

Burke teetered on the edge of the cliff.  He knew he needed to get the hell back to the village, before something happened that he’d regret, knowing how he wanted her, wanted this. 

She opened her eyes and stared up at him, taking in the dark wet hair, already beginning to curl and the brown eyes, softened now.  Taking every ounce of self-control, he turned from her.  Liska made a protesting noise and reached out, pulling him back, and he drew in a sharp, sudden breath as her eyes burned into his, revealing the depths of her desire.   His eyes traced unwillingly over her small, high breasts.

Teetering… teetering.. falling.  Pete shook his head at the mental image.  Against his better judgment, his arms went around her, caressing the smooth skin of her midriff with his roughened hands.  She shivered as his long brown fingers ran up and brushed teasingly over her naked breasts to clasp her shoulders. He bit his lower lip quickly, trying to shake the sense of foreboding.  He didn’t think he could stop himself anymore, and as if to prove it, his fingers moved of their own accord, stroking the sides of her breasts lightly.  He lowered warm lips to hers.  Their tongues meshed.  She wrapped her arms around him, sliding her hands around his waist and down, fingers slipping over smooth skin.  

He slid his tongue achingly down the line of her throat.  Slowly his fingers slid to her nipples, stroking lightly.  Liska’s eyes closed as the sensation of his wet mouth and fingers against her skin aroused her further.  His mouth fastened onto her breast, following the path of his fingers, caressing her with his tongue.  She shivered, nipples rising into hard, hot peaks, and her breath grew ragged.  She pressed herself to him, feeling the length of him throb against her thigh, feeling herself grow wet in response.  She was afraid to look at him now, afraid of what he’d see. 

Liska ran her hands over his smooth chest and felt his breath hitch. She smiled and taking his hand, waded through the water, pulling him behind her over to the bank of the stream.  She turned to look into his eyes, in control of her emotions now, looking at his slim, muscular frame and the line of hair that ran down his abdomen.  She traced it with her finger and pulled him into an urgent kiss.  

Pulling back, she licked her lips, whispering "Sit down."  He looked at her questioningly.  "Here," she said, insistent, pointing to the graduated bank next to them.  "Lean against it."  He looked at her again with heated dark eyes and did as she said, pulling her down on top of him.  He was smooth and hard, and she grasped him in her hand.  He gasped and arched upwards.  She thought he was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen, and she tried to keep a tight rein on the feeling, hoping he couldn’t read it in her face.  Pete’s eyes searched hers, tracing the line of her jaw with a gentle finger, running it down her body, exploring, to her wetness.  He rubbed her lightly, making her gasp, and she poised herself over him, sliding upon him, parting slickly for him.  Groaning, he thrust upwards, feeling her heat contrasting with the cool water seconds before.  Gently she began to move, gasping as he filled her.  His hands roamed to her nipples, touching them between sweat-slickened fingers.  She moaned, quickening her pace.  Moving to her hips, his hands contrasted darkly with her smooth white skin, holding her, making himself a part of her.  She’d never felt so much.. feeling.   

He threw his head back, gasping as the pleasure roared up and through him, enveloping him, rocking him in great waves.   She cried out, reaching for them both, and shrieked into the side of his neck as he came into her, pulsing. 

Liska sat still, recovering.  With him still inside her, she buried her face in his hair and kissed his neck, reveling in his heat and wetness.  He shivered in response. Touching her face with his hand, his brown eyes looked into hers a moment before he kissed her deeply and completely, seeming to revel in his possession of her.  She thought, absurdly, that she might cry.

He tried to ignore the sinking sensation, knowing he’d done the wrong thing, he’d hurt her and himself, knowing in that moment that he cared for her more than he ever wanted to think about.  And knowing it didn’t matter if he wanted her, or even if he wanted to stay with her…  he’d never abandon Alan. Alan needed him to help face the fact of a life without his family in this frightening future world. 

He looked at her face, glowing and content, and kissed her gently on the cheek.  He wanted to protect her, to make her happy, and this was what he’d done. 

Somehow he’d try to make her understand… but first, he’d have to try and understand it himself.