Galen and Kira: A Memory

Gryph and Kassidy


Kira walked into her office, clutching a clipboard. She peered down at it, searching for an answer… some clue, perhaps, as to why she’d lost her patient a short time earlier. Still lost in thought, she put the clipboard down and caught sight of the strange yellow and blue flowers lying near the edge of her desk. She reached for them, knowing instantly what they meant. Only one ape had ever given her the bird-of-paradise flower before… someone she’d thought to spend the rest of her life with.

She brought the exotic blooms closer to her face, thoughts in a whirl, then turned to face Galen.   

"Hello, Kira," he said quietly, nodding from his position behind the office door.

He looked different, and the same. Older, maybe…tired.  But the kindness remained in his face.

"As simple as that.  This," and she held the flowers out, "to remind me, a casual hello… and everything else is forgotten."

"Not everything," he said warmly, voice low.  She repressed the shiver that raced down her spine  as he moved towards her on silent feet.

"Go away, Galen," she said, voice abrupt.

"Kira, I need your help," he said, imploring her with gentle eyes.

"You are a criminal and a traitor," she replied, voice shaking with emotion.

"Oh come now, you don’t really believe that," he said dismissively.

"What else would I believe?"  Her voice was incredulous.  "Galen, it’s dangerous for you here.  Go away."

"Kira, a friend of mine has been hurt," he said firmly.

Trying to sound scornful, she snapped back, "You don’t have any friends but renegade humans."

"Unless you help him he may die," Galen said, steel creeping into his tone.

"Why should I care if a human dies?"

"If for no other reason than because I care… a very great deal," he replied, softly, still certain that she would help him.  She saw it in his eyes and mistook it for arrogance.  It infuriated her.

"I don’t know you anymore," she, scathing.  "You’re a stranger who’s chosen to live with humans!"

Galen closed his eyes, weary, then turned and stared at her.  "Is that such a dreadful crime?" he asked.

Something about his weariness and his need touched her, and the fact that he could effect her so  easily after all this time made her scramble for words.  She didn’t want this, she didn’t need this or him at this time in her life.  After all they’d been through. 

They’d learned to love for the first time, together.  She squeezed her eyes shut against the rush of emotions.

"I should call the police," she burst out. 

He looked at her with disbelief.  "They’d kill me!"

His open skepticism urged her on.  "They’d be doing justice," she said stridently, nodding for emphasis.

Galen stared at her, brown eyes pained.  "I loved you," he said softly.  Kira turned her head away and stared out the window.  "To hear you say those words now…." he breathed out sharply.  "I’m sorry I came," he said. 

Memories had flooded over him ever since he realized he’d see her again.  Out of necessity, yes, but he trusted her with his life and the lives of his friends.

She had a clear, direct gaze that held your eyes.  With their university class instructor, her answers were always direct, logical, and unafraid, spoken in a firm yet quiet voice.  Her intensity and assurance of manner intimidated some of her colleagues, but not Galen.

As he’d come to know her better, his admiration for her-and his attraction to her-only heightened.  Her mind was precise, yet open to the ideas of others.  And he had to admit, it didn’t hurt that she was beautiful, with a dark, shining pelt and soft brown eyes.

Galen grabbed Kira by the wrist and pulled her deep into the shadows behind one of the instructional buildings of the university. He had caught up with her as he was leaving an anthropology class. They had been discussing the mating rituals of the lower animals, and while he, like his classmates, found the specific details of human mating distasteful, the idea of giving in to his more primal instincts with his lovely girlfriend had left him aching to hold her.

The wide-eyed look of surprise on Kira’s face only further fueled Galen’s need.  Removing the books from her arms and placing them gently on the ground, he turned back and gently tapped his lips against hers as he wove his fingers into her hands. Finally, their muzzles pressed together with more force, and their lips moved against each other in a warm embrace. Kira broke the kiss first, retreating half a step to stare into Galen’s compassionate brown eyes.

"What was that for?" she asked, a trifle breathless with just a hint of a smile parting her lips. "What’s gotten into you?"

"You have, Kira," he replied with fierce devotion. "You are under my skin. In my brain. In my heart. In my soul," he punctuated each sentence with a kiss on one of the fingers of her hand, and finished with a whisper.  For the first time in his life, Galen was in love-not a crush, not lust-but love.  The thought amazed him.

Kira’s smile broadened, her brown eyes shining. She sensed mischief in Galen, and was unsure where his thoughts were headed. Galen bent down to pick up the books from the ground, and looked around to see if they were being observed before he took Kira’s hand again and with a gentle tug, led her into a thick copse of trees that abutted the building.

"Where are we going, Galen? I have another class in a few minutes...." she trailed off as her companion released her hand to place a finger on her lips.

"You are the brightest student in the medical program, dearest. You can afford to skip a class every now and then. Just don’t make a habit of it," he teased her, and guided her deeper into the woods. With a sigh of resignation, Kira followed, struggling to silence her protests and let herself go with the spontaneity of the moment.

They came to a clearing next to a small stream, and Galen deposited their books safely on a rock. He took her hand in his own and gazed into her solemn brown eyes, pulling Kira down into the soft grass until they knelt facing each other.  It was quiet here with only the tumbling of water over the smooth stones of the stream and the birds calling from the trees. 

Galen’s long brown finger traced a path along the side of her face, down to the fur under her chin. He combed his fingers through the luxurious pelt there, encouraged by Kira’s soft sigh of pleasure. Crinkling his nose and lifting one brow, he let the question that had been on his mind all day fall silently between them. Kira tilted her head to one side and shrugged, an unspoken acquiescence.

Galen reached around Kira and undid the fastenings of her dress with trembling fingers. Kira was going to be his first, and he would be for her, too.  He lifted the dress over her head, revealing her breasts.  Kira gasped softly as the warm air caressed her sensitive flesh.

"Galen, someone is going to find us," she protested, face flushed.

"No one is around.  Everyone’s in class," he reassured her softly, pulling his own tunic over his head and discarding it.

"Like us?" The question dripped sarcasm, and was followed by an uncharacteristic giggle.

Kira stared up at him through long, thick lashes. The sight of his beloved naked was enough to cause a familiar heat in his groin. He reached out with both hands and began to stroke and comb his long fingers through the fur on her shoulders, while encouraging noises issued from his throat.  Kira returned the gestures and after a few minutes of grooming interspersed with kissing, they were both breathing heavily.  Kira pulled back and tilted her head at him. 

Galen stood and pushed down the waistband of his pants.  A small moan escaped from Kira’s lips as she saw him fully naked for the first time. As a medical student, she had seen diagrams and even live specimens of the male anatomy, but none of them had belonged to the male she loved. None of them had been rigid with need for her.  

Kira lay back and he lowered himself to her, wanting her, murmuring her name.  She raised her hand to his face, stroking him, and they kissed again, Galen running his hands over her body.  He felt an almost unbearable excitement, coupled with an intense desire to make the experience good for her.  He hoped he could make her feel the way she made him feel.

In the moment before penetration she was afraid, and raised her eyes to the rich green canopy hiding them from the open sky.  He saw it in her face and cupped his hand around her jawline, urging her eyes to his, questioning.  As much as he desired her, he never wanted her fear.

She smoothed his fur back, away from his face, took a deep breath and stared into his eyes.  She nodded almost imperceptibly, full of both anticipation and reluctance.  He whispered to her, uncertain
but longing:  "Are you sure?"

She nodded firmly and put her arms around his shoulders.  He moved slowly into her, then stopped almost immediately as she gasped, stiffening until she urged him on again with her hips.  The exquisite feeling of his beloved surrounding him, warm and wet, shivered up his spine.  She flung her head back, moving against him, and the passion began to mount in both of them.

He was overjoyed when she screamed and called his name.

Galen glanced longingly at Kira, remembering.  His first, his last-his lost love.  He shook his head clear of the memories.  It was in the past now.  All of it.  He knew that.  What had he thought after all this time- that she’d welcome him with open arms?

He turned away, walking towards the door.

At the last possible moment, her voice called to him, full of reluctance, yet unable to remain still against his silent retreat: "Galen!" 

He turned to her with hope in his eyes.