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For each of the five original POTA films, FOX produced and distributed promotional "Heralds" (fictional newspapers) that local theaters distributed to advertise the release of each new film. However, no Herald was ever produced to promote the TV series.

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the series: Dave Ballard, Mark Rogers,
Glen Scheetz, James Aquila and yours truly, Kassidy Rae, brought together their creative talents and produced a four page TV version of Fox's "Heralds", as they imagined it would have been back in the summer of 1974.

Right click the image left to download and save a PDF file of 'The Ape.'



Simian Sounds present Values, by Dave Ballard and with art by Neil Foster


An Argolis Production in association with Everlasting Films


Originally a non-profit audio drama based on the characters of the POTA tv series, CDs were exchanged for donations to a 9/11 charity. Featuring the vocal talents of Mark Donovan, Peter Hinchman & Thomas Himinez, "Values" explores an attempt to escape a nightmare future, where Apes rule and humans are animals.


The producers suggest that if you enjoy the download you might consider donating a couple of dollars to a local animal charity.


Right-click to download sound file (52 megs, mp3)

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Download artwork for printing your own CD cover and label, with thanks to Neil Foster for the lovely artwork:

outside inside CD tray CD label

Read the original story at the fan fiction page





Urko and Virdon customized figures made by the talented Chris Hight




Urko's wall map from the TV series (pieced together by John O. from the potaDG group, redesigned by D. Ballard)




Thanks to Dave Ballard for these screen savers - download as a .scr file for PCs, a stand-alone .exe slide show, or right click on each picture to save as full-size backgrounds

From Dave Ballard just click on the picture for print size resolution, print the image on cardstock and cut out for great-looking bookmarks!









Greg P. has designed new covers for your POTA TV series DVDs. Up top is the wrap designed for the 4 DVD package; below that is four designs for individual disks. Right click any of the images on the left to download size and DPI suitable for printing











POTA TV Series board game by fellow fan Peter Karsten.

Download in two zip files here: A and B. Open and print files in Microsoft Word.









HERETIC is a music video comprised of video clips from the TV series with hard rock music from Soundgarden. Watch it at the Vimeo link or streaming below


Heretic at Vimeo