A FAN-GENERATED POTA COMIC with the same professionalism and talent as the pros, first premiering in "SIMIAN SCROLLS" and hosted in parts by several  "apes" sites  (note: not a tv series POTA comic)

7 COMICS FROM ARGENTINA, BASED ON THE TV SERIES - ALL now available on this site!
CRACKED PARODY of the television series
VISITOR TO THE PLANET OF THE APES - yep, the webmistress has been immortalized by the creative team who brought you "Beware the Beast".  They had WAY too much fun with this one -- the talent just oozes from their pores (or maybe that's brain fluid).  The boys have poked fun at me wonderfully well - a wickedly  light-hearted look at the crush of the century. Hope you enjoy it as much as my husband did ( 'tho a little less wouldn't hurt). 
I give it a PG13 rating as a precaution to any delicate flowers perusing the site.  
Return to Yesterday is another fan >>> produced comic, this one both written and drawn by Mike McColm from Scotland and offering a conclusion to the tv series.  The comic references the POTA movies along with written stories about POTA.
Thanks a million to John Roche and Dave Ballard of Simian Scrolls for hooking me up with this fantastic comic, w/biggest thanks of course going out to Mr. McColm!