1975 Topps trading cards, set of 66 Potawaxpax the back of the cards contain short write-ups and are puzzle pieces cards1 cards3 cards4 cards5 cards6 cards7 cards8 cards9 autographedcardrh autographed_card ron harper signed mexican_wax_pack_urko POTA_spanish_trading_card Spanish trading card 
This is a set of inserts from PLANET OF THE APES ARCHIVES (Inkworks/1999). Inserts from this RODDY MCDOWALL series were randomly inserted into packs at a rate of 1:24 packs. Set consists of 4 cards - 2 of Cornelius, 1 of Caesar and 1 of Galen 
Urko T-shirt Zaius iron-on 
Galen iron-on Urko iron-on Chad Valley Projector fancard_front fancard back - signed poppin__shot_guns_1974 color forms color forms Galen sterling silver ring Costume Galen_halloween_outfit_1974_321x238 1974_mask Galen face mask Jointed Gale 3-packaged-Mego-action-figures Mego Burke and Virdon action figures POTABurkeAll POTAVirdonAll burke close up alan figure close up galen general_urko_mego_2 general_urko_mego_237x234 urkomegocard1 urko Urko Galen Palitoy Burke Palitoy Virdon Palitoy back of Palitoy galen_mego galen_mego_out_of_box felturko2a feltgalen2a Gorillaseargent POTA plush Galen POTA 
Plush Doll DrZaius kubrick62 kubrick jail set kubrick jail set medicom_kubrick_TV_show Galen_bend_n__flex_1974_mego_279x315_217x244 APETV apesergeant potaurko Medicom_2000_Urko_Soldier_Ape_C Parachuting Galen 1974 parachuting Zaius Galen_bean_bag Galen bank potagalenbank Galen on Horse Battery Operated plate bowl mug2b View Master reelmaster fortress village1 jail POTAMegoTreehouseBox throne ram POTAMegoCatapult Adventure Set AMSCO 1974 Adventure_set-_out_of_box_338x252 General_Urko_mix__n_mold_1974_231x307_186x255 Galen mix  n mold BURKE mix n mold Virdon mix n mold URKO_3-Dplaque_by_Whiting_74_239x310 Board-game boardgame fc_1_b galenposterpuzzle_342x346 puzzle2a puzzle3a puzzlea MUBC9TLV DVD cover Epi-log Journal #9, with extensive coverage of POTA films, the TV series and the cartoons LA_Times_sep_22_1974 POTA TV series poster magazine ST Louis herald ape cover Tv_guide_daily_breeze Ape_shuffle_160x162
LALO SCHIFRIN - APE SHUFFLE/ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW. 20th CENTURY RECORDS UK 45RPM 7" SINGLE 1974 -two tracks from the Planet of the Apes tv series lalo_schifrin_brazillian_single_escape_from_tomorrow_and_pota_themes Man the Fugitive Escape to Tomorrow Journey Into Terror Lord of the Apes POTA book Galen's doctor collar worn in The Cure galens doctor collar back view_s UK fan club calendar 1-29_comic book run, USA
UK Wrapping_paper tv series lunchbox, sice TV_Series_Lunch_Box_1974_wthermos_303x227 Planet-Of-The-Apes-Lunchbox-and-Thermos, another view sidesoflunchbox_219x250 TV__Lunch_Box_74__other_side_wthermos_268x200 POTASlate 70s_go_ape_patchs Urko inflatable frisbee bikeflagG bikeflagZ Rob's Galen prosthetics, bought from a makeup man selling his collection Galen_prosthetic_43 Galen_prosthetic_50 more of Rob's Galen appliances Galen_prosthetic2_13 Galen_prosthetic2_14 Galen_prosthetic2_16 Galen_prosthetic2_19 Galen_prosthetic2_25 Galen_prosthetic2_29 Galen_prosthetic2_30 Les Hemstock's original Roddy/Galen appliances, on  show at the NEC Les Hemstock's original Roddy/Galen appliances, on  show at the NEC Les Hemstock's original Roddy/Galen appliances, on  show at the NEC Mountain of the Delphi 33 1/3 record Dawn of the Tree People - 33 1/3 Battle of Two Worlds - 33 1/3 back cover of the 33 1/3s records front cover of the collected stories plus one new: Volcano back cover of the collected story records photo galleries lightboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.0