George Alec Effinger wrote four POTA TV series books, each featuring two episodes. Man the Fugitive was published in 1974 by Award Books with adaptations of "The Cure" and "The Good Seeds."


The fantastic adventures of astronauts Alan Virdon and Pete Burke, accidentally time-warped 1000 years into the future—to the Planet of the Apes….

Of Zaius, head of the Council of Apes, who fobids any knowledge of Of Urko, gorilla leader, who hates all humans and vows death to those who claim superiority…mankind's long dead civilization…

Of peace-loving Galen, who could forgive Zaius' fear of knowledge—but not his hatred of humans nor his vengeance upon the two men who carry the secrets of the past.






German translation by Walter Brumm, published in 1977

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—German covers courtesy of Alan Maxwell




Escape to Tomorrow  (as opposed to the first TV episode title, "Escape From Tomorrow") was the second release, with adaptations of "The Surgeon" and "The Deception."


Dateline: Earth, 3085 AD

 Apes reign, ignorance rules, and the only good human is a dead human.

This is the planet earth in the year 3085. A sinister planet where three individuals struggle single-handedly against the forces of violence and evil. These three must be wiped out before their poisonous influence spreads over the planet and undermines the power of the apes. They will be wiped out if it takes every ape on Earth to do it.


German translation by Walter Brumm

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Book #3 is Journey Into Terror (there's also a story in the UK annuals by that name) with "The Horse Race" and "The Legacy" getting the treatment this time around.


A Fatal Wager That Can't Be Won

"If the human is winning, we'll kill him before he crosses the finish line. If he loses, we'll kill him afterward. It's only a matter of time."

The stakes are high—half the prefect's horses and half his lands. And as the race draws nearer, high stakes spiral into an impossible game—all the prefect's horses and all his lands against the life of one man.

But if the stakes are high, the odds are insurmountable. The Chief of Prefects never loses.  

But the Chief of Prefects has never raced against a human before.

The Chief of Prefects never loses.

Or does he?





German translation by Walter Brumm

third and last German release—there was none for the fourth book

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Book #4, Lord of the Apes, features adaptations for "The Tyrant" and "The Gladiators."


A PDF of this hard-to-find TV series book is now available for download in its entirety, courtesy of Greg P. Just right-click the book image to save the download.


The crowd was at a fever pitch. The Chimp Prefect Barlow leaned back and smiled—this was the way to rule a district. Put two humans in an arena and let them fight to the death. He had been staging these amusements for twenty years—twenty years without a rebellion.

But this time one of the gladiators was Pete Burke. When Burke won and refused to kill his opponent, the crowd went berserk. The humans in the crowd were stunned—it was a flash of rebellion out of the past of the long-gone past of a vanished civilization. Things would never be the same in Barlow's district again…

And Pete Burke would be the first to bear the brunt of Ape reprisals.