Apes, Humans and Dogs

Elaine Howard





Urko’s mind raced with the fast pace of the horse he was riding. His life had


changed and it was unsettling to him. Humans were to be kept in their place. This


was his mission in life to protect simian civilization. But all that changed. Now his


household consisted of himself, his wife Elta, a human female named Sonia, the two


human fugitives and their renegade chimp co-conspirator. And now he was on his way


to purchase a Chihuahua from the granddaughter of Zaius. He was hoping his life would


settle down and return to a normal routine. Ever since he met Fidel the small Chihuahua


from the future, his future which would be ruled by apes who were devoted to protecting


humans. All he could think about was retiring from his workaholic existence to a life


with his beautiful wife, horses and dogs. He never thought humans or chimps would be


part of the picture. But Burke’s cooking skills and Sonia’s artwork pleased him and he


wanted them around. Virdon was excellent at taking care of his prized horses and Galen


was his wife’s editor for her novels. It all was working out and tried to tell himself he no


longer needed to chase the fugitives, especially any human fugitives. Their dominance


of the earth was over and was going to stay that way.



Urko thought of Fidel constantly, he missed the tiny dog and this embarrassed him. A


tough military leader should not have a prissy, little canine. Yet, Burke had had one


back in his old life, before he traveled in space. He explained to Urko that despite the


size of this dog, Chihuahuas were still dogs. They like to bark(continuously) and defend


their territory. Urko gave himself a mental speech that the dog he was purchasing was


still a dog.



Urko could hear the barking from quite a distance. He knew he was approaching the


home of Talila, Zaius’ granddaughter, Chihuahua breeder. He was excited about getting


a puppy but he suppressed the feeling and was anxious to get on with the purchase. His


wife, Elta was agreeable to getting a dog but he would have gotten one anyways. She


had her writing and he would have his dogs and horses.



The horse soon came upon the door of the house and Urko pulled on the reins


coming to a full stop. The barking was deafening, even outside. Urko wanted to cover


up his ears but tied his horse to a post instead. It sounded like a thousand small dogs


lived in the house. Talila greeted him at the door. “My grandfather said you were


interested in purchasing one of these miniature canines.” She had to shout over the





Urko grunted and was at a slight loss for words. “Yes” was all he could come


out with.



“Come in, sir! We have plenty to choose from!” As soon as Urko came through the


door, the barking subsided, almost as if on cue. Silence now reigned in the kingdom


of small dogs because of Urko’s presence. Silently, he wished his soldiers came to


attention as well as the dogs had. No one gave him this kind of respect, no wonder he


liked dogs. It seemed like there were hundreds of dog everywhere all different colors.


Dogs were on furniture, in crates, in little doggie beds, on countertops etc. He wanted a


tan dog like Fidel and scanned the room to find one. Something else caught his attention,


he smelled whiskey but hesitated to say anything yet.



A young male orangutan came through a back door. He tucked in his shirt as he


greeted Urko. “Welcome, Security Chief Urko! We are honored to help you choose a


noble canine or canines.” Talila gave him a nasty glance. “Who can have just one dog!



He stifled a burp and then hiccupped.



Urko squinted his eyes. “Do you have a kennel license for all these dogs?”



Talila averted Urko’s attention by ignoring the question. “My understanding, sir, is that you


plan on retiring. You and your beautiful wife should have company. These dogs are great


companions and travel easy as well. This is my finance Bernard.”



Bernard bowed towards Urko who growled at him. Some of the dogs started barking and


Talila shouted at them to “shut up!” The dogs became silent once again.



“Have a look around, sir. Take your time. And don’t feel pressured to take just one.


Little dogs love company.” Urko’s mind now functioned like a computer listing data.


Too many dogs and no kennel license in sight. Strong odor of alcohol, probably a home-


made distillery here. Suspicious boyfriend. And this was Zaius’ granddaughter. Ah…it


didn’t bother him now that the fugitives lived with him. He had the goods on Zaius. This


was information Zaius would not want made public. His wife’s steamy novel also didn’t


bother him as much, at least the novel was legal. He made some more mental notes and


stored the information in his mind. He may need it at some point. The gorilla relaxed a


little and resumed studying the dogs.



Talila diverted his attention again. She was ready for her sales pitch. Or in this case, a


 gift. She prepared to butter Urko up like he was freshly made toast. “Ah… General.


Your career has been long and illustrious. You


have saved simian society from…



Urko interrupted her. “Shut up and give me a tan dog!”



Talila was so startled she fell backwards slightly.



Bernard put himself between her and Urko. He glanced into Talila’s eyes and then turned and


faced Urko. He bowed again and spoke “Oh, great gorilla leader….



Urko pushed him against the wall. “Cut the crap and just give me a dog!” Urko was at


the boiling point of anger and just wanted to get out of there before he arrested them.



Unlike Talila, Bernard didn’t flinch. He continued his spiel but went straight to the point.


“We would like to give you six dogs free of charge.”



Urko's eyes grew wide. “Six dogs! Why would I want six dogs?! I am not starting a kennel!”



Now Talila quietly intervened. “Sir, we have six wonderful little darlings that need a good


home. You have quite a large amount of land and these dogs are easy to take care of. Just


don’t step on them. They don’t require much food and are marvelous watchdogs.”



Urko’s eyes reflected anger but he refrained from hitting the female orangutan.



“We have six dogs, all about one year old. They are from the same litter which is rare. These


little dogs usually give birth to only two or three puppies Urko glared at her with his fists


clenched. He knew he was being conned. Who wanted to give away six expensive puppies.


“And sir, they have all have such a personality!”



Urko continued to glare at her when Bernard interrupted again. “My apologies, Urko.


You are right……so right. These six dogs are little terrors. We are unable to find a


home for them.” He turned to Talila. “Dear, these dogs have to be put to sleep.”



Talila stepped back in horror. Tears welled up in her eyes. “No…..someone will give


these dogs a home!”



“We can’t keep them any longer. They are getting older, they are adult dogs now. And our


guest here wants a puppy like most simians who buy from us.”



Urko didn’t like the idea of the dogs being put to sleep. If it were humans or even orangutans


he wouldn’t care. But he felt the dogs didn’t deserve this fate. And he was past the


point of wanting to get out of this house, he was desperate to leave. He could give four


of the dogs away and keep two. Then he realized their were three apes and three humans


in his house. Everyone could have their own dog. Maybe the two humans would finally


relax if they each had their own dog. He was anxious to leave and decided later he would


figure out what to do with six dogs. He was firm when he spoke and pointed his finger at


the two orangutans. “Alright! Give me the dogs! His voice boomed and he stomped his


foot. The two simians clung to each other briefly, then motioned for the angry gorilla to


follow them into another room. Five dogs sat on a sofa while one in a crate barked


continously until Talila removed her from the crate and held her in her arms. She put her


down but the dog resumed barking at a high pitch. She immediately picked her up, she


didn’t want the security chief to change his mind. The dog became silent and wagged


her tail while she gazed at Urko who at this point would do anything to get out of there.


He could tell the dogs were not from the same litter. Three of them had long hair, one


was a little too large to be a purebred Chihuahua. He was fascinated by the differences


and thrilled to be taking them home despite his inner conflict of emotions.



The two orangutans moved quickly, scooping the other five dogs and escorted


Urko to his horse. Now Bernard couldn’t get the gorilla leader out of there fast enough.


“You will not regret this, Security Chief Urko. These tiny canines will bring you much


happiness.” Bernard put the dogs in the various pouches Urko had on his saddle. Only


The heads peeked out. There were only five pouches so Talila handed the nonstop bark-


ing dog to Urko. He took the dog gently, not knowing where to put her. After a few


seconds he put the dog in a pocket near his waist. She gave out a sigh and seemed to be


very content. The gorilla leader got slightly lightheaded when he thought about someone


witnessing him galloping along with his brood of little dogs. And it was only noontime


so he would surely be seen by someone. Thank the Lawgiver he was retiring soon. He


never expected to retire as a laughing stock but it looked that way if an ape saw him


now. He left the two orangutans without saying a word, galloping off. There was a


shortcut through some woods he was going to take. This would reduce the chances of


anyone seeing him, he hoped. He prayed the dogs wouldn’t start barking and


draw attention to him. The two orangutans watched Urko ride off until he disappeared.



Bernard turned to Talila. “That was sooo close. I thought for sure he


would discover the distillery.”



Talila frowned. “That’s the least of our problems. Wait until he gets those miniature terrors


home. All hell will break loose and we are going to be in deep trouble. We’ll have to move





Bernard shook his head. “Something had to be done with those dogs.He is the perfect


owner. With his rotten disposition, the dogs will behave themselves. Trust me,dear.”



Talila looked at the ground. “I just hope this doesn’t come back to haunt us.”




The dogs didn’t seem to mind the fast gallop of Urko’s horse. They appeared to


be content riding along with the breeze in their faces. Urko relaxed somewhat when


he entered the dark woods, knowing his chances of being seen were now slimmer.


The woods were full of sounds and the dogs’ ears all went forward and the one in


Urko’s pocket tried to wag her tail. “Stop it!” The dog stopped but she looked like she


was grinning at her new master. Urko now realized that he would have to explain all


this to Elta who had agreed to getting a dog but would be surprised with the arrival of


six. Fortunately she was the guest speaker at a writing conference today and would not


be home until tomorrow. At least he had some time to think about what he was going


to say to her. Maybe his niece, Ariana would take some of the dogs. She was always


taking in stray humans and other animals.



Urko was riding through the woods for about half an hour when his horse rode into


a clearing. He found himself in the middle of a group of gorillas who he recognized


as some of his soldiers. They had been celebrating and were inebriated. All of them


stopped laughing and stood up.



One of them continued to roar with laughter over something that was said. His back was to


Urko and he turned around to see Urko and the Chihuahuas. He was Urko’s lieutenant who


would replace him when he retired. The gorilla forced himself to stand straighter and


compose himself.



“Oh, look at the widdle puppies! Aren’t they cute! Urko! Are you going to join us?


We are celeeebrating my new job. Oh, they have BIG eyes!” The gorilla wobbled


as he spoke. His conversation veered between the dogs and other things. “I am


so happy, sir! I am leaving the army and am going to be a botanist!”



Urko was stunned. “What? You are doing what? You can’t leave the army!”



“Oh…yes I  can and I am. Do the doggies want a cookie? My what big ears you have!”


He let out a loud belch.



“I am retiring! You are next in line for my position. You can’t relinquish your duty to simian


civilization to go and grow flowers!"



The gorilla leaned to one side and then straightened up. “I am not going to grow flowers, sir!


I will be studying about medicinal plants and how to develop more food for us.


I have been in the army long enough, almost as long as you have."



Urko realized the enormity of this. It meant that the next in line for his position would be


Alexander who was not the ideal soldier. He loved ceremony and marching but was not


quick to fight anybody. He didn’t think humans were a problem and loved to sit around


and discuss everything to death. Urko realized that his world was on the brink of


change. It felt very unsettling to him. He still wanted and needed to retire. He wanted


a life now.



Urko spoke with authority to the gorillas. “I wish you well on your new course


in life but you should remember your duties to the simian world. There will be conse-


quences to your decision. All of you better sober up and I expect you to arrive


early tomorrow and be ready to work hard!” Urko ordered his horse to ride off.


The gorillas watched him and laughed.



Urko felt a rage coming on over his soldiers being drunk in the woods. They


should be doing other things with their time off. The good thing was they were


drunk and he could deny that he had the dogs. The thought of what was going to


happen to his army with a leader he didn’t care for disturbed him. But it didn’t


change his mind about his impending retirement. Ape civilization would have to


go on without him. At least he knew that apes would survive well into the future


and continue to rule. He thought about the spaceship with the female gorilla and


felt somewhat secure in his future.



The horse reared up on his hind legs and whinnied. Virdon tried to get close to him but


the large, blonde horse would have none of it. Zeus was the only horse Urko owned


that refused to be ridden. It just wasn’t happening. His blonde mane was disheveled and


Burke was beginning to sympathize with the horse. “You have been at this all morning,


buddy. Let’s face it, Zeus is his own boss. He isn’t going to let you or anyone else ride


him. Virdon was out of breath and sat down on the ground. Galen looked up from his


reading. “Alan, are you alright?” The blonde haired astronaut sighed. “I’m fine.


Exhausted but fine.”



Burke spoke compassionately towards his friend. “I know you are extremely fond of this


horse but you can’t ride them all.”



Virdon looked off in the distance. “I can’t get over how Urko actually owns a horse he


can’t ride. That gorilla getsup and rides horses every day at 4am before he goes to





Burke grinned. “Looks like the master of the house has sides to him we aren’t aware of.


He may hate humans and chimps, but he sure loves his animals.”



Galen added to the conversation. If he didn’t enter that spaceship, I doubt we would be alive


right now. He would have killed us when he came home and there we were in his house.”



Virdon got up and remained silent. The three fugitives were in a corral and the humans


decided they were hot and dirty. Swimming in the pond on Urko’s property was welcome


retreat from the balmy weather. Galen headed back to the house to finish his work, editing Elta’s next novel.



The blond haired astronaut and his dark haired colleague walked to the pond, removed


their clothes and dived in. The water was refreshing and soothing. Zeus watched them


walk away to their water retreat.






The three gorillas stood down the road from Urko’s house. They had been surveying


the property for a week. The leader was getting anxious. “We have to act soon or not


at all. We need Sirius out of jail and back with the gang. Without him we are broke, he


managed the finances. We hold Urko’s wife hostage and demand Sirius in return. It’s that


simple. We kill his wife if he doesn’t give up our leader. The other gorillas were nervous.



One finally spoke. “Are you sure this is a good plan. This is too weird. His wife is never


home and he has humans living in the house. I thought he hated humans.”



The leader was impatient and getting angry. “Many apes have human slaves! That doesn’t


mean he likes them! So what!”



The other gorilla joined in the conversation. “Maybe we should hold one of his horses





The leader hit him. “Stop it! Don’t be ridiculous! He will exchange Sirius for Elta. He cares


about two things in this life, saving simians from humans and his wife. “We will grab his wife


as soon as she gets home! Now let’s geta move on. We need to get into that house and


wait. Urko went to work and he works long hours.” Even though the gorillas had watched the


house for a week, they really didn’t know Urko or were aware of the recent changes in his






Alan was the first to get out of the water. He stretched out on the grass and closed his


eyes. At least they were not running and as uncomfortable as it was living with Urko,


it was a relief not to be continuously chased by gorillas on horses. Burke kicked his leg


gently. “Buddy, where are our clothes?”



Alan opened his eyes so they were half slits. "What do you mean? They’re right here, where we put them.”



“No, they are not. Our clothing is missing.” The dark haired astronaut was not amused.



Alan sat up. “Oh come on, Pete. Don’t be funny, there are right…….there. Well, they


were right there. Who took our clothes?” Both men looked around. “Pete, is this a joke?”



“No, it’s not a joke! This is not funny! Someone took our clothes!” Both men suddenly


noticed Zeus off in the distance with what appeared to be Alan’s shirt in his mouth.


Burke rubbed his chin.



“You really pissed off that horse! He stole our clothes!” Virdon now got up and blocked


the sun from his eyes. He could see Zeus off in the distance trotting with something in


his mouth. “You were right, Pete. He is his own boss. We better get back to the house


and get something on.”



The rest of the ride through the woods was uneventful. With the exception of birds


And other animal noises, the woods were free of simians. Urko knew once he left the


woods, someone along the way would see him. He urged his horse to go faster and


tried not to think about it. Even though he passed several simians and humans on


his return home, he was ignored with the exception of one human working in a field.


The young man looked up briefly and took a second glance at the gorilla and his


Chihuahuas galloping along the road. He watched Urko and his new canines ride off


down the road. The expression on his face indicated he couldn’t believe what he was





The woods had been a shortcut so the rest of the way home was not very long.


Urko arrived at his house and glided off the horse. He removed the dogs one by one, with


the female in his pocket being the last. As soon as he put her down, she was hysterical


with barking at a high pitch. Urko picked her up, holding her in one hand. She wagged


her tail and was very content. The other dogs followed him into the house. As soon as


Urko entered his house, chaos took place for a few minutes. The dogs all ran around and


barked incessantly.



The gorillas had entered the house and held Sonia hostage with a  knife to her throat. Galen


was standing across from them pleading with them to leave.



The gorilla who was nervous about entering the house ran out in a panic when he saw


The Chihuahuas. “I can’t do this!” he yelled to his companions. His two companions


remained still, holding onto Sonia.



The dogs continued barking and Urko picked up the female who had been in his pocket and


she quieted down. “Shut up!” All the dogs stopped barking but growled and bared their teeth


at the gorillas.



Galen froze where he was. He didn’t know what to do and wasn’t sure if he was more afraid


of the tiny canines or the gorillas. Sonia was silent as usual but her eyes focused on the





Urko, who was not having a good day to begin with, could feel a rage coming on. He was


tired of individuals entering his house uninvited. Blood would be shed today.



The leader was the first to speak. His eyes were on the dogs first and then he gazed into


Urko’s eyes. “You’re home early, Urko. We were going to have your servant here cook us


lunch. She refused and you arrived just in time, because a human should not refuse to serve


an ape!"



Urko was actually horrified at the possibility of losing Sonia. She was his artist and the


portraits she drew of him would hang in the army headquarters for many years to come.


The dogs continued to growl and Galen tried to make eye contact with Urko who was


trying to control his anger. “How dare you enter my house and attempt to harm my


servant! There are consequences to your crime.” The three gorillas knew each other


well. Urko had arrested the Sirius’ gang numerous times. The leader and Urko were


very familiar with each other. Galen was amazed that the leader was not at all afraid of


Urko. His companion was nervous but stayed with the situation. He put his hand tighter


around Sonia’s throat and put the knife closer to her skin. Urko who had been


suppressing his rage all day knew it was coming out of him soon. He glanced down at


Sonia’ artwork on the table in his living room and was horrified to think of losing this


female artist.



She was the only one who drew pictures of him to hang in the army headquarters after his


retirement. He had struggled with the fondness he had for her because she is human but


she is his human. These gorillas would not survive.



The leader resumed talking again. “Oh, this disgusting human can draw and she


draws you! Ha! You’ve changed Urko! You are getting old and soft! Just get Sirius


released from prison and we will be out of your life! Urko pointed his finger at both


gorillas. He became calmer and organized his thoughts. “You will die for this! You do


not come into my house uninvited!” The dogs all growled in unison and everyone looked


down at them. The two gorillas holding Sonia hostage were baffled. The leader’s


eyes were wide. “Are those dogs? I never seen dogs that small.” One of the Chihuahuas


walked over to the gorilla and lifted his leg. He peed all over his boot. The leader now


wasn’t sure what to do. The plan to hold Elta hostage wasn’t working out. She wasn’t


home and things were getting very bizarre. He growled at the small dog who looked up


at him and growled back. Urko thought how these dogs were definitely good watchdogs.


It entered the leader’s mind that he now wanted a way out of this situation gone bad but


couldn’t think of any. It was all about to get worse.



The fugitives now entered the living room. Both astronauts were stark naked and


the closet at the end of the living room had extras clothes for them in it. Sonia who had


never spoken shouted “Oh wow!” Her eyes were cast down at the anatomy of the fugi-


tives. She was a little more relaxed now. Even if the gorilla killed her, at least her dying


view would be pleasant. Urko glanced at the fugitives and Galen was equally shocked at


his friends being in the nude. The gorillas were not happy that more individuals were


now present in the living room. The dogs were barking again and Urko shouted at them


to shut up. The female he was holding flew out of his hands and Pete caught her in


midair. She leaned against him and gave out a sigh.



Alan spoke first. “We’ll explain why we are ……uh undressed later. What is going on





Urko was close to exploding! “It seems that I can’t keep any intruders out of my house


lately!” He stepped forward towards Sonia and the gorillas. The gorillas held their ground


and continued to threaten to take Sonia’s life.



Chaos took place next. Urko was too fast for the gorillas and quickly


got the knife away from the leader and stabbed him. He collapsed to the floor. The other


gorilla tried to make a run for it but was hit over the head with a statue of the lawgiver


by Alan. The gorillas were on the floor in a heap. The stab wound to the leader was


fatal and he was gone. The other was unconscious. Urko was still angry and growled.


Sonia ran to Galen who comforted her. She was having difficulty averting her eyes from


the naked astronauts who now headed towards the closet where their clothes were. The


dogs were running around and barking. They finally calmed down and sat together on


livingroom sofa. Pete was still carrying the female who nuzzled against him.



Urko dragged the gorillas outside to a wagon where he would have to transport


them to the army headquarters. He still was very angry. When he returned to the house,



Pete spoke to him first. “Six dogs? I thought you were only going to get one or two?”



Urko snapped at him. “ It’s none of your business why I got six of them! I am the master


of this house! Do not question what I do!”



Alan grinned. He knew Elta was the real master of the house but didn’t say anything.



Galen was the next to speak. “Why are you both naked?” Both astronauts looked at each


other in embarrassment.



Pete turned to look away. “You wouldn’t believe it, if we told you.”



Urko pointed his finger at the men. “Yes, explain yourself human! Why would


you……then he stopped in mid sentence. He put his hand down. “Zeus stole your


clothes. You went swimming and he got mad at you and stole your clothes.” Alan and


Pete faced Urko directly. Alan who loved horses was fascinated. “He ‘s done this


before?” Urko grunted. Zeus steals stuff all the time. One of the rare times Elta was


hanging out laundry, he stole all the clothes and hid them. Onetime I found all these


things in his stall. We can’t figure out how he dragged around a large cooking pot but


when it was missing, there it was, in his stall.” Urko shook his head. “Get some clothes


on and help me put these losers in the wagon. When I get back


supper better be ready. He gave a glance towards Burke who still held the female


Chihuahua. “She is your dog. “ Pete just looked at him and then cast his eyes downward.”



Later that evening, a knock could be heard at the door. Urko who had returned


from army headquarters, peeked out the window. Galen was the only other individual


in the living room and Urko motioned for him to hide. He left the room. Urko opened


the door and let in Zaius. The orangutan was upset. ‘We have a problem! There is going


to be a demonstration tomorrow outside army headquarters. A large group of simian


females are requesting that they be allowed into the army and they also want to be on


the council. You have got to stop them!”



Urko rolled his eyes. “I can’t. I am taking tomorrow off.”



“What! This is an emergency! You can’t take the day off! You have


to arrest these females! They can’t be on the council or be soldiers! Next there will be


humans on the council!”



Urko smirked. “Don’t be ridiculous! You’re getting worked up over nothing. My


lieutenant can handle this. Go home and relax!”



Silently, Urko knew that his world was changing but he still wanted a life. He didn’t have


the desire or energy to save simian society anymore. Especially after the conversation


with the female gorilla in the spaceship. Apes were going to rule. He wished he could tell


Zaius what he had seen but he knew he wouldn’t be believed. The day had been


exhausting and he wished Zauis would go home. Zaius stilled tried to convince Urko to


go to work.



There is this orangutan female….she says she knows you. I understand she is a friend of


your niece, Ariana. She is insisting on being let into the army. She keeps saying she was


born to be a soldier.” Urko knew who he was talking about, he had argued with her at


his niece’s house. He still refused to go to work. One of the Chihuahuas walked into the


livingroom and sat next to Urko. Zauis looked down at the dog. “Oh, you did get a dog


from my granddaughter.” Urko gritted his teeth. “I arrived home with six dogs. Your


granddaughter and her boyfriend are quite convincing.”



Zaius was stunned. “Boyfriend?” Urko then suppressed a laugh. Zaius didn’t know what


was going on with his granddaughter and her illegal activities. This was so good because


Urko would use this information in the future against Zaius. The fugitives would remain


in his house or his granddaughter would end up in jail.



“I am not going to work tomorrow. I am still on vacation. If things get out of con-


troll, send someone to get me and I’ll stop the demonstration. Otherwise, my lieutenant


will have to handle it without me. Did you read my wife’s book? What did you think of





Zaius was confused. “Why would I read a library textbook for university students?”



Then Urko remembered. Elta wrote the steamy romance novel under a pen name. Zaius


didn’t know it was her that wrote it. He now fumbled with his words. “Uh uh…… it’s


my wife’s book! You think that out of respect for me, you would read it! He looked away


in embarrassment.



Zaius was still baffled. “I am impressed that you wife wrote a book,  Urko. But I read mostly


scientific books and journals, not books on how to become a librarian.” Now the orangutan


wanted to get out of the house. Urko was acting too strange for him and despite the fact he


didn’t like Urko, he preferred the angry gorilla leader he knew. And now he felt pressured to


read Elta’s library textbook book since Urko had purchased six Chihuahuas from his


granddaughter. Urko never mentioned she gave the dogs to him.



The orangutan now headed for the door. “Okay, Urko. I hope the demonstration


tomorrow of angry female simians doesn’t get out of control. Enjoy your new pets.”



He exited the house and got onto his horse and rode off into the night.



Later that night before going to bed, Urko walked into Pete’s room and sat on


his bed, by his side. Pete was in the bed with the female Chihuahua lying on his chest.



She snored softly, occasionally opening an eye to look at Urko. She was exhausted


and very content to be where she was. Pete actually smiled and stroked her head.


“I am naming her Sara after one of my ex-girlfriends.”



Urko gave him a baffled look and sighed. “There is a dog for everyone.”



Pete still grinned. “Very thoughtful of you Urko. I would like to know what really


happened at that kennel today when you want to tell me.”



Urko glanced at the wall. “Fine. Have a laugh at my expense. You know


eventually we are going to have to explain your presence here, why the two human


fugitives from the future are living with the ape who pursued them. We could all be in





Pete was still relaxed. “We will think of something,Urko. It looks like this


world is going to change again. I heard that conversation you had with Zaius. We might


have better luck with female apes on the council and in the military. How do you feel


about that, Urko?"



The gorilla got up and grunted. He refused to answer the question. “I


expect breakfast on the table early, after my morning ride. You are only still here because


you can cook. Don’t forget to feed the dogs.” Urko liked the sound of his state-


ment. Dogs in the house. It made him happy but he didn’t reveal that to the dark haired





“Sleep well, Urko. See you in the morning.”



Urko mumbled goodnight.